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It’s more about culture fit than skills and qualifications. For a long time, gyms were tasteless in design with no character whatsoever and nothing special on offer apart from machines and plain white walls. We wanted to set a trend, we didn’t want members resting, we wanted them sweating to loud music surrounded by art and lights and feeling a buzz. Wolf Gym is an urban-themed athletic powerhouse that has a unique design blended with color, art, music, and graffiti that gives out an energizing and exceptional vibe as it guarantees effective and efficient use of your exercise time to achieve your goals, keeping you motivated and, more importantly, on target!

Our Mission/Vision

We strive to provide a welcoming first-class workout environment that allows our members to focus on their own personal fitness and wellness. The Gym’s mission is to promote healthy living and encourage each individual to adopt a better, healthy lifestyle. In the midst of a medical industry where costs related to health care issues such as obesity, prescription medications, and cosmetic surgeries were rising annually at an alarming rate. Wolf Gym was created to address this paradox, as well as other important issues that directly impact the quality of people’s lives. It is a business that utilizes existing information in an innovative way, providing services of the highest quality, which are delivered and enforced through an integrated approach by professionals from multiple disciplines. “The idea that health requires an integration of all aspects of a person has inspired a set of core values that direct every single element of Wolf Gym, we trust our dear members will find them extremely motivating.” Adnan Shakir, Wolf Gym General Manager

Our Core Values

Integrity: We are committed to serving our members, guests, and staff with honesty, dignity, and respect at all times. Simply put, we earn respect by respecting all others.

Passion: We love what we do and it shows. It is our goal to pass our health and fitness excitement on to our members.

Inspire & Motivate: We strive to maintain a sense of strength, determination and success that contributes to a higher quality of life for others and ourselves. We never give up on anyone!

Community: We have a heart for helping our community, both locally and within the walls of Wolf Gym. Building and nurturing a strong healthy community is extremely important to us.

Superior Service: We will provide extraordinary and unmatched service with our team of highly qualified, friendly, and energetic professionals.

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Wolf gym

We’re located in the ❤️ of Baghdad

Crossfit & olympic lifting gym
650 Dine & Gym

Located at the main street 

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Wolf gym is parented by Al Handal Group a pioneer company in the middle east

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