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Wolf Gym was founded in 2018, conveniently located in the heart of Baghdad, Wolf Gym is a mixed gender state-of-the-art fitness center, it is equipped with a wide variety of the most advanced top-notch quality cardiovascular equipment, weight machines and free weights that create an athletic powerhouse that is unsurpassed in the country to appeal to the needs of the beginner to the advanced fitness fanatic.

Wolf Gym is fully staffed by accredited fitness professionals at your service, in addition, you have access to personal trainers who can’t wait to motivate and change your life! It is a friendly place for both genders, couples and the youth providing fitness-related services to both public and corporate sectors by offering various classes and programs. Wolf Gym has a one-of-a-kind concept and is facilitated by a spacious workout area, a yoga studio, a boxing ring, convenient changing rooms, a cafeteria and free parking and much more facilities.

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OUR Founder

A Message from our Founder

A health enthusiast first, a business man second. Mr. Mohammed Noori Al Handal currently holds the position of CEO Board Member and CEO of Al Handal International Group headquartered in Dubai, UAE. He established this lifestyle business and the Wolf Gym brand all from a dream he always envisioned and strived to reach since a youngster, he has spent time lending his expertise to a premium gym chain in Iraq, that’s main goal is to contribute to the humanitarian cause of  romoting healthy lifestyle amongst the different segments of the Iraqi society.

Mr. Mohammed sincerely gives credence to the ancient Greek moto “A sound mind in a sound body” as he is convinced that mental and moral characters are derived through physical discipline and believes it is more than just a philosophy, it is a way of living.

He aims to establish and work across a variety of sectors in the health &  fitness industry in Iraq and solidify the idea of healthy living and spread the concept of fitness. With the help of Wolf Gym, he aspires to influence and educate as many people as possible on the positive benefits of leading an active and healthy lifestyle and empower them to achieve a healthy balance through exercise, sports and physical activity to both adults and youths alike.

Our Mission

To Be More

The idea that health requires an integration of all aspects of a person has inspired a set of core values that direct every single element of Wolf Gym, we trust our dear members will find them extremely motivating.” Adnan Shakir, Wolf Gym General Manager

Our Vision

To Create a Meaningful Life

Our vision is to promote healthy living and encourage each individual to adopt a better, healthy lifestyle. In the midst of a medical industry where costs related to health care issues such as obesity, prescription medications, and cosmetic surgeries were rising annually at an alarming rate. Wolf Gym was created to address this paradox, as well as other important issues that directly impact the quality of people’s lives

Our Core Value

Integrity | Passion | Inspire & motivate | Community | Superior service

Wolf gym

We’re located in the ❤️ of Baghdad

Crossfit & olympic lifting gym
650 Dine & Gym

Located at the main street 

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Wolf gym is parented by Al Handal Group a pioneer company in the middle east

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